Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Check Out My Site!


www.Luxury is for SERIOUS FINANCIAL/MONEY SLAVES, PAY PIGS, CASH COWS AND SUBMISSIVES. Be prepared to spend some serious cash when you enter my page. Have your wallet ready and your credit card in hand. HAHAHA


  1. As a level headed man with an analyticle mind I just can't shake the feeling that there is something more of the Divine in Luxurymistress than in any other other woman I have ever seen. Every line and angle of her is huned to perfection, her every pose goes beyond the classical and it is my heartfelt wish to become hers. Logging into her site daily now it gives me the inspiration to better myself and my position so that some day I can indeed come to serve her and call myself truly hers. Luxurymistress you are sublimely Divine and more worthy of worship than any woman who has ever lived. Not Helen of Troy nor Cleopatra its true, could ever come close or hold a candle to you.

  2. If every visitor to this site buys a copy of the 'Scars of Obsession' i'll soon have enough to fly to the States and spend an hour Licking Luxury Mistress's feet...if not...i could well be the first to attempt to swim the Atlantic and then maybe afford 2 hours licking the Mistress's feet. Anyway, am I alone in thinking that the word Mistress just doesn't sit right here...she's a total Goddess if ever there was a Goddess on earth its Mistress Luxury. Yours Truly Darryl x

  3. That's sooo horizontal, dear.
    Lemme treat you to a realm that aint.
    I wont judge you...
    I dont know you...
    yet, here's our proposal:

    I'd looove to meet you
    in passionate, intoxicating,
    larger-than-life Seventh-Heaven...
    yet, you first must be prepared:
    Find-out what RCIA means and join;
    classes are free,
    once per week,
    starting early September.

    Im sooo not better than you
    ...yet, I gotta lotta d'knowlijj
    which'll save-your-soul, kapiche??
    Sorry fo d'New Yoirk accent.
    Again, find-out what RCIA means.
    Make Your Choice  -SAW

    PS 'Saving souls from Hell
    should be your
    primary occupation'

    Turn-away from idolatry/indifference
    (worshipping the world/laissez-faire).
    Turn-away from mortal sin.
    Turn 180°
    Turn RITE.
    reTurn to Jesus:
    He'd looove for you to be
    forgiven thru repentance.
    Focus on Jesus!!!
    Follow us to the Great Beyond.
    Follow us to Seventh-Heaven.
    Follow us to Holy Mass
    & say the Rosary once per day.
    Do the RCIA, too.
    I. Love. You. earthling
    I'll definitely pray for you
    as you fully trustNjesus.
    God bless your fruitful, indelible soul.

    Yes, earthling, Im an NDE:
    I know exactly what Almighty God
    has prepared for those who love Him:
    an eternal explosion-of-extravagance
    which few are askin for anymore...
    yet, 1-outta-1 bites-the-dust.
    Strange how many people
    DONT want everything
    from our Creator.
    Que cera cera.